Manufacture of Cotton Textile in Kolkata

Cotton is regarded as most framed material in textile industry in Kolkata and the cotton textiles are regarded one of the oldest industries in Kolkata. It offers livelihood to the farmers along with the workers who are engaged in spinning, singeing, bleaching, weaving, scouring, drying, packaging and designing along with tailoring and sewing. It is considered as one of the most traditional and esteemed industries as it strikes a reasonable balance between modernity and tradition. In India, cotton textiles are basically located in Maharashtra, some Provinces of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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It is implementing several techniques as well as measures to supply the eco-friendly products, which are of best quality to world market. As far as textile manufacturers are concerned, you will come across many cotton textiles in Kolkata that stands from the rest. It covers the whole spectrum of textile sector, from the cotton to the yarns to certain fabrics, accessories and even garments. The cotton textile in Kolkata has twenty five franchise production units at different locations, working in an exclusive manner. Their dealer network extends to nearly 500 wholesalers all over the nation. Along with this, there are many knitwear company also scattered all over the globe that can meet the growing requirements.

The organic cotton yarn in Kolkata overshadows most of the competitors in this area as there are no middlemen involved in business; material is procured in a direct manner from ginners. It also understands the requirements of a spinner as it has a total of four spinning mills that produces world class yarn selling in thirty nations.  This possesses an open policy in which purchaser can choose and check material.

Previously, the textile industry in Kolkata anticipated some of the market recovery at end of February. However, current scenario reflects that it might have to wait for a while. As per the official estimate, the export sector in textile segment is probably to witness a flat growth this year when compared to the earlier year. Forecasts reflect that industry might be witnessing one million job losses in next financial year, as the business volumes of the textile firms continue to lessen.

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