How to Look for the Best Physiotherapist in Kolkata for treating Spondylosis

As we grow old, our health starts diminishing. Back pain, spondylosis and arthritis are some of the common health issues that are caused because of heavy work load and stress. Spondylosis and back pain are common in people of middle age group, i.e. between the age of 30 and more and is found at a very low rate in those youngsters who do not belong to this age group. It is a general health issue found among those who are working without much activity. You might not know when you will become a victim of spondylosis but the only thing that you can do is be cautious about the symptoms so that you can follow appropriate measures so that you can take care of yourself.

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Generally, spondylosis is a term referred to the degenerative osteoarthritis of joints, found at the centre of spinal vertebra or the neural foraminae. If this type of condition exists in zygapophysial joints, then it is referred as facet syndrome. If the condition turns to be serious then it might cause immense pressure on nerve roots with subsequent sensory disturbances like paresthesia, muscle weakness and pain in limbs. When an area between two adjacent vertebrae starts getting narrow, then compression of nerve roots emerges from spinal cord might result in sensory and motor disturbances causing severe pain in neck, shoulder, back and neck.

 The patients might experience a phenomenon of shocks in legs and hands due to nerve compression and improper flow of blood. The vertebrae of neck are affected, it is known as the cervical spondylosis. Lower back spondylosis is called lumbar spondylosis.

Of course, there are certain measures that can be undertaken to cure patients who deal with spondylosis in Kolkata. It can be treated by choosing the best physiotherapist in Kolkata. A physiotherapist in Kolkata is a person who is a primary adroit health care expert and knows different movements of body. You can contact best qualified doctors in Kolkata for any type of pain treatments.

Generally, arthritis is a joint disorder that causes inflammation. When an individual is suffering from arthritis then he or she faces lot of joint pain. Joint pain is known as Arthralgia.

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