Why Psychiatrists in Kolkata Are the Best in the World

“What is the major difference between a psychiatrist and a psychology? You might have heard this question millions of times now. If you are either of the two experts, you could still be annoyed by this or already numbed by the several individuals who still get it wrong. Well, to assist you and the several people who still get it mistaken, here is why these two experts are different.

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While both the medical fields handle psychotherapy, psychologists handle mental and emotional disorders through counseling and intervention. On the contrary, psychiatrist in Kolkata cures mental disorders causing from physical issues-obtained or genetic. And treat such cases through medicines and several other medical processes. Now, when this problem is out of this way, let us focus on the psychiatrist in Kolkata and their services in whole West Bengal.

Psychiatric services in Kolkata have been a vital provision in the Kolkata medical industry and in different parts of the world. With medical services along with psychiatrist in Kolkata are regarded as the best all over the world. This is mainly due to the comprehensive as well as intense training they attain even while being the students in this area. As per the Psychiatrist, an individual who specializes in Psychiatry should at first complete a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree or the MBBS degree. Usually, this will take around five years and needs to be taken at the school which is totally approved by state’s board.

When an applicant passes the post graduate training, he or she should undergo minimum of five years education. This procedure is divided into two parts including three year basic training and two years of advance training. Through all these years, a trainee will be working under supervision of qualified and experienced doctors in the hospitals as well as community clients. Here, their experience and competency are assessed and tested.

After a lengthy and rigorous training, whenever a psychiatrist in Kolkata graduates from a state approved school, one can be totally assured that these medical practitioners are well equipped and suitable for any psychiatric in Kolkata at hand.


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